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10 years Warranty on Haier Refrigerators

  • Mar 28,2019
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To sustain our position as one of the most trusted brands is not an easy job when it comes to the world filled with innovative home appliances. It requires hard work and quick response in terms of innovation and customer satisfaction, especially when it comes to maintaining pace with current marketing trends amidst the growing demands in India.

The things we do in order to continue providing you with the best products and services possible are comparatively simpler. We at Haier, listen to the requirement of our customers – after all, the purpose of any good home appliances brand is to make our customers life easy. And because of our dedication to this task our refrigerator range has been voted the best in the industry for 10 years in a row.

We have made quite an impact in the food storage and refrigeration industry. Thanks to our innovations such as the Twin Inverter Technology, 1-Hour Icing Technology, and Customized Drawer for different modes, Fuzzy Logic and Stabilizer-Free Operation among others.

The Twin Inverter Technology in particular stands out due to its ability in reducing power consumption without sacrificing on cooling. Apart from power reduction, this technology also protects your refrigerator’s compressor from voltage fluctuations which would otherwise severely damage the fridge and reduce its life. The twin inverter technology grants the same protection to the fan motor as well.

Thanks to these innovations, Haier refrigerators not only provide you with optimum power savings without sacrificing food storage and cooling, but they also last long. What more can Haier give to its customers?

Simply this: You can now get a 10-years Warranty with any Haier Refrigerator.

Haier is the only brand providing such a warranty on all its refrigerator ranges which includes Direct Cool, Top Mounted, Bottom Mounted Refrigerator, Side-By-Sides and 4-Door fridges. The 10-year Warranty covers compressor as well as fan motor warranty on all fridges equipped with the Twin Inverter Technology. The Direct Cool Refrigerator does not have that technology, but we are still providing a 10-year warranty on that model’s fan motor.

This is how much we trust our work because we aim to provide nothing but the best for you. And this is our way of thanking you for placing your trust in us for 10 years in a row. We hope to continue making you happy for years to come.

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