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8 in 1 convertible & its benefits

  • May 24,2018
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Haier, a brand that is always on a quest to come up with nothing but the best, has recently launched its new range of Bottom Mounted Refrigerators. The brand understands the pace of technological evolution and rapidly evolving user needs. Keeping the same in mind, Haier has come up with its next-gen refrigerator range that has something for everyone.

A refrigerator is an innate element of any home, big or small. In summer season, when external temperature keeps soaring, taking out your favorite beverage from a refrigerator is truly startling. A refrigerator is like an essential part of a family that serves fresh and chilled food items.

In today’s fast-paced world, technology has been penetrating the lives of people in many ways and fridge is one special appliance that always stays close to people’s heart. For a child, it is like a treasure box of his favorite chocolates, for a housewife, a safe storage box of veggies and fruits, and for a man it caters to his all needs. Keeping the varied needs of people in mind, Haier has launched India’s first and its most intelligent refrigerator that has 8 convertible modes that are meant to serve every member of the family. . Its 8 convertible modes are Normal, Vegetable, Home Alone, Surprise Party, Freezer, Vacation, Turbo, and Summer mode. These modes have been designed keeping in mind the divergent needs of Indian households.

It is a common understanding that fridge section is used more than the freezer section. So, let us choose a refrigerator in which you can interchange both the compartments & reduces bending by 90%. Haier’s 8 in 1 convertible refrigerator makes life convenient as per your needs by giving a larger space for all your needs. So, follow the right approach while choosing a fridge that suffice all your needs and follow the right habit, like Haier says “India, Ab Seedhe Ki Aadat Daal Lo!

Haier’s latest range of BMR refrigerators comes with a capacity ranging from 256 litres to 276 litres. This refrigerator come up with unique technology of Twin energy saving where you can save energy up to 15% in normal mode & up to 30% in Convertible mode.

Moreover, the refrigerator boasts Twin Inverter Technology in which both the compressor & fan motor works on inverter & have 10 years warranty on both respectively. With its revolutionary turbo icing feature, you can get your ice ready in just 49 minutes. BMR comes in many vibrant colors and patterns, isn’t it a worthy deal altogether?

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