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An everyday guide for the working mother- how to leave the worries and kids behind

  • Nov 28,2014
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It’s an old internal fight. One can’t help but feel guilty for prioritizing work over family at times yet, for working mothers the decisions just get harder every morning. Most have kids that are unable to take care of themselves and hours spent away from home are always difficult, unless they have teenagers.

The steps suggested in subsequent paragraphs can only help if mothers stop pronouncing themselves guilty every time they step out of their home. Women must understand that the only jury that matters is the one in their head. The only crime committed in that case and one which warrants severe retribution is where a mother feels guilt.

We are all blameworthy when it comes to viewing women as ‘natural caretakers’ and terming the ones who oppose societal norms as negligent. One can fulfill their duties towards ones children while working, all one needs is 2 assistants, understanding clients, empathizing bosses and helpful co-workers. Since this is earth and not utopia-land what can one do to help women in their quest for building a better life? A place where a mother is not greeted by sullen silences of disappointed children when she reaches home, exhausted.

Presenting steps to beating that mental jury the next time it pops up – Find quality child care – Pre-schools are a great option for younger kids with working moms. These provide a charged atmosphere where the tots interact with others their age. These help in development of appropriate social and cognitive skills that are important for evolution of the child’s personality.

  • Prepare a Schedule – Hurried mornings can leave one frazzled, it’s important to have a schedule and finish certain tasks the night before. Those uniforms can always be laid out the night before, including your own.
  • Divide Responsibilities – Assign work properly so you aren’t the sole person responsible for all tasks. This can lead to resentment so talk with your partner to determine who gets what tasks for the day. For all the single mothers, a lot of tasks can be accomplished online including grocery shopping, assigning certain days to certain days can also help not pile up all the work for the weekend.
  • Communicate with your employer – The 21st century has introduced helpful concepts such as flexible working hours and one can always ask their organization to give them that option. If your HR is not keen on flexi-working hours, one can always suggest a trial period for the projected working schedule or be open and honest about ones requirements about maternal leave.
  • Stay connected with your children – Mothers can now touch base with their children during the day. There are storybooks where one can record their voice to read the contents out, if one is going to be late for a child’s event its important one makes them feel they are special. Leaving a lucky charm in the morning or a personal note can help ease the sullen look. Having a friend record the event to watch it later is another great option.
  • Create family activities – If you’re pressed for time, have a family breakfast or a family night with board games or movies. Create activities that regularly fit into your schedule so everyone knows what to expect and what to look forward to.
  • Don’t lose yourself – You were a woman before you became a mother and it’s important for the overall health of your family that one takes out special time for oneself to recharge.
  • By being a working mother, one is setting the best example for one’s children. The absences and disappointments can always be made up but perhaps the biggest lesson of all is for your children to learn that it’s most important that one truly takes care of oneself and values hard work.

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