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Big drum washing machines are the way forward for saving time and ensuring much cleaner laundry

  • Jul 31,2019
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“It’s not about having enough time; it’s about making enough time.” This often-referred quote by Australian author, motivational speaker, and television personality Rachael Bermingham sheds light on one of the realities of life i.e. the lack of time.  With our lives being much busier than ever before, time poverty takes a toll on managing daily chores and one of the most time consuming amongst them is managing the laundry efficiently. It is a household task one cannot escape from, so choosing the right washing machine is an investment worth making.

An efficient machine can allow one to keep their clothes both fresh and clean as new and even make washing a lot less of a chore by saving both time and money. With the new wave of smart washing machines that connect to Wi-Fi could even help one to organize the washing remotely. However, most of these high-tech features can fail due to a lack of opting for an appropriate size washing machine drum.

In a washing machine, the drum capacity refers to the weight of clothing that the drum can safely accommodate for a washing cycle. It is usually slightly less than the amount one can fit in the drum because it needs a proper space for the clothes to move around and also for the drum to fill with water.

While most of the machines range in sizes from 5 kg to 12 kg, the main advantage with a larger capacity is that it can hold more laundry and clean the same amount of clothing in fewer washes. It is even more economical and efficient than smaller washes and helps lower water and electricity costs. Additionally, these larger capacity machines offer an extra washing program for bulkier items like duvets, towels, and curtains.

Another situation where larger drums come to rescue is when we overload the washing drum with those last few clothing items in an attempt to save time. While it may be tempting to do so, it can lead to performance issues in the machine. Having a smaller drum can cause issues when a washing machine is overloaded and the laundry does not have space to move freely. It prevents the detergent from being evenly distributed and restricts the machine from performing a thorough wash.

Larger drums also possess an extra gravitational force that results in much more efficient cleaning of the heavy loads. Therefore, they are crafted strategically to remove deep-seated dirt on a large variety of fabrics gently.

From semi-automatic to fully automatic, top loaders to front loaders, and with the incorporation of smart technologies, there has been a gradual improvement in the washing machine technology. This latest line-up of smart bigger drums is shifting the focus of consumers towards an easy and efficient of way cleaning clothes.

With the advent of IoT, the market for the washing machines is bound to grow. The developers are introducing technologies for making washing machine drums more effective for a consumer-friendly experience. These new improvements are paving a new road for the future of home laundry and are providing an incentive to this growing market.

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