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Breathe clean and cool air this summer with newly launched range of ACs with Air Purifier technology

  • Mar 25,2019
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Air pollution has been a major concern these days, posing several health issues ranging from burning eyes to more serious ailments like heart diseases and cancer. It is now being considered an alarming fact, knowing how 14 of the world’s most polluted cities are present in India.

The air pollution outside has directly started affecting the quality of indoor air causing more air pollutants. Our day-to-day tasks such as cooking, heating in tight spaces with less ventilation, off-gas from household items such as carpets, furniture, smoking and other indoor activities which is simply giving rise to the existing levels of air pollution. Resulting in unhealthy indoor air.

The requirement of an air purification system has thus become a necessity in today’s time to create a breathable environment for everyone. By getting an air purifier we can at least clean the indoor air of particulate matter by removing other harmful gasses. The fine particulate matter below PM 1.0, usually PM 0.3, can congest lungs and cause various respiratory diseases. With the presence of a purification system that filters PM levels as low as 0.3, we can get utmost protection from indoor pollutants. However, not everyone has the space for large air purifiers or the means to keep them away from the reach of children.

Understanding the immediate need and concern around it, Haier India expanded its customer-inspired innovation product portfolio by introducing an all-new indoor air pollution solution this month. The PuriCool range of 5-star and 3-star air conditioners featuring an inbuilt air purifier which omits the need for a separate air purifier at home. The 3 in 1 Display panel air conditioner allows the consumers to see the temperature, humidity and PM level. It also comes equipped with a self-purify function which has CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) up to 300m³/h covering a room of 30m that effectively purifies room air and provides superior cooling comfort.

The company specially designed this range of air conditioner to fulfil the requirement of two appliances, i.e. an Air Conditioner and an Air Purifier in one. Haier has constantly looked at making users life more comfortable and with this technology it will allow consumers to face less inconvenience of owning, installing and servicing two separate appliances. Meaning less expenditure for both operation and maintenance and offer a best deal of 2 appliances at the cost of one and in one package!

Understanding how everyone can’t accommodate all the gadgets they wish to own because of space constraints. Another great advantage of having an air purification system in air conditioners is that they are installed on the wall and cause no obstruction at home. And essentially, an air purifier needs to be placed, free from any kind of hindrance for proper air-flow. That’s when having an air purifier in an air conditioner acts as a greater assistance because split ACs don’t consume precious floor space. They additionally deliver purified cool air at a distance up to 30m and reach all corners of the room easily.

Haier’s range of Puricool Air Conditioners is an ideal buy not just for the summer season but also for the cold time of the year as the requirement of an air purifier pertains for the whole year. Even during winters, when the pollution reaches its peak and becomes unbearable, Haier’s air conditioners will ensure purified air all year round and will cool the air as per the season, fulfilling two tasks with just one appliance.

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