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Buying Your Perfect Washing Machine This Rainy Season

  • Jun 29,2017
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When it Rains: laundry Problem Pours

summerThe rainy season has approached and in a month it will cover most of the country. A common saying associated with rains and laundry goes like this, “ When it Rains: laundry Problem Pours.” We all know buying a washing machine is a big decision as it is long lasting investment. It is an appliance that is used almost every day in a modern household by different members of the family, for different kind of clothes and requirement. So much that it is an integral part of our homes and ‘’must-have thing in every neo household’’ list. Living in this rapid world not everyone can afford to do a hard labour and take time out for manually washing clothes on a daily basis. Therefore, for all modern contemporary householdshas become an indispensable appliance.

Here are a few things to keep in mind while buying a washing machine for your home for a better washing experience. There are different kind machines from front and top loading machines and they come with various capacities ranging from 6kg to upto 20 KGs. Haier machines have a solution for suiting disparate kind of needs. You must focus on gentle wash cycle, various program cycles and of-course design and style.

Durability and Material of the drum/tub:

summerLet’s start from the basics, the first and the foremost thing to consider while buying a washing machine is the durability and the functioning of the drum or the tub. The tub can be made of multiple materials like plastic, enamel and stainless steel. The durability of the tub essentially depends on the material of the drum. The ones made with stainless steel last more as compared to the drums made with plastic and enamel. Stainless steel drums do not catch rust and are corrosion free, therefore they last long and not only this they can even withstand high spin speeds for an efficient wash. Haier washing machines consist of drums which are made of long lasting material for an increased product life. Additionally, select models of washing machines by Haier come with life time warranty for the drum.

Functioning (Semi-Automatic v/s Fully-Automatic)

summerSecond point is to make a choice between a fully automatic and a semi-automatic machine. The two main type of washing machines are automatic and semi-automatic. A semi-automatic one has two sections—one for washing and one for drying purpose where a user has manually switch between the two sections. A fully automatic machine, is one that does the washing, drying and rinsing without any manual support. Therefore, the choice has to be made essentially depending on the usage pattern and the needs of a household. Haier has a range of washing machine which are both fully automatic and semi-automatic and consumers can chose one asp per their requirement.

Type of loading (Top Load v/s Front Load)

summerDepending on the efficiency of washing process and the quantity of your clothes, you’ve to decide between two types of machines – Top-loading machines & front-loading machines. Front loading help in conserving water, in these the clothes are put in horizontal orientation. Whereas Indian households seem much more comfortable using a top-loading machine as the orientation in which the clothes are put is vertical. Compared to a top-loading machine, which is relatively cheaper and easier to use, front-loading machines have better wash quality and have more features, however, they have a longer washing cycle, i.e. they take longer to complete the washing process but are more efficient. Top-loading machines, on the other hand, are easier to handle, light weighted, and can be loaded with more clothes even after the wash cycle has begun. Thus, this choice again has to made keeping in mind individual demand and needs of a family. Haier also has a variety of top load as well as front load machines and consumers can chose the best machine for themselves keeping in mind their requirements.


summerThe capacity of the machine is another important factor to be considered while buying a washing machine. It completely depends on the size of the family. If your family is large and you wash clothes often it is advisable to invest in a machine with greater capacity. However, if your family is nuclear, or if you don’t have much space, you should go for a machine with lesser capacity. Haier offer consumer with washing machines ranging from 5.5 kgs to 20 kgs giving consumers a wide variety to choose from.

Smart Technology

There are a few technology specific factors which should also be considered while buying and they are as follows:-

Fuzzy logic

This feature detects what kind of clothes you have put in, what kind of a wash there should be and according to it, the machine decides the time and type of wash.

Delay start

According to this, you can set a particular time for the machine to start and stop as per your convenience. Machines which are enabled with internet connectivity can further be operated from anywhere through a smart phone or an application. Child lock

This feature locks the machine’s panel so that children don’t fidget with the wash cycles. This also helps in avoiding accidents and injuries amongst kids.

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