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Choosing The Spirit To Celebrate The Spirit Of The Season

  • Mar 17,2016
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December can often be defined by two words – festive spirit. It’s the end of the year and that is always a good excuse to host a do or two in order to celebrate one’s past successes or forget recent failures. Thus, one must be ready to showcase skills considered the mark of any good host, one of them being – choosing the right ‘spirit’ to go with the spirit of the occasion.

Wine, traditionally has always been valued greatly by hosts holding winter soirees. This is due to many reasons which include the ‘sophisticated’ and ‘elitist’ image attached to the drink. Not only does wine reflect refined taste, it is also great at being paired up with fine cuisine. With all the holiday bingeing, it is often difficult to avoid an upset stomach, thus it becomes even more important to have a drink that one can sip for hours on end without reeling under its effects the next day.

So after narrowing it down to the choice of spirit, often called ‘poetry in a bottle’ the time arises to decide secret to serving it properly. The drink is very sensitive to changes in temperature, light, humidity etc and needs attention to detail if it is to be enjoyed in its correct form. If one lives of one ‘poem’ at a time, the question and need for buying a wine cellar doesn’t really cross one’s mind. But in the era where the right to host extravagant parties and develop knowledge about ‘food of the gods’ doesn’t solely lie with the elite, it is foolish to limit one’s get-togethers to a few carelessly bought bottles of alcohol, randomly picked from supermarket shelves.

In order to become a fabulous host, one need not invest in a wine cellar that occupies space one cannot afford to provide. In today’s day and age there are several alternative options available at affordable prices and small sizes. Haier has come out with their innovative offering- a Wine Cellar which comes with premium aesthetic sense and state of the art design that suits the needs of a modern home.

This cellar comes equipped with electronic temperature control that helps preserve wine quality, taste and texture. UV rays from the sun, known to give the wine an unpleasant aroma and spoil it are prevented from reaching the liquor with the help of a UV-protected glass door. This helps keep taste intact for longer periods of time. The wine cellar also offers vibration-free refrigeration cycle to facilitate undisturbed maturation. With unique features like separate program selector for Red & White wines and interior light button, Haier Wine Cellar promises to keep wine timeless.

Some more features that the cellar provides are:

  • Adjustable Temperature with LED Display
  • Electronic Temperature Control for maintaining uniform temperature
  • Separate Program Selector for Red and White wine
  • UV-protected see-through Front Glass Door with Silver Finish Trim
  • Wood finish Slide-out Shelves
  • One Slide-Out Basket to accommodate larger bottles
  •  Interior Light Button
  •  Recessed Door Handle
  •  Door Lock
  •  Adjustable Legs
  •  Energy Efficient
  •  Temperature range of 4-18 degree Celsius for short term storage and long term ageing.

The good news for buyers is that they will always have budget left to stock this cellar with wine even after having bought the product as it comes within an affordable range of Rs. 25000 to Rs. 35000. The offering comes as a significant value add to anyone’s hosting skills, something you can only get better at with age, just like wine.

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