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Emerging need of hassle free after-services in Industry 4.0

  • Aug 28,2019
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Gone are the days when consumers bought what is obtainable in the market. It has now become the other way around today where consumers’ influence what’s available in the market. In a highly competitive market, one can only build brand image and reputation when they’re constantly tapping on consumers’ evolving demands. Needless to say, that depends entirely on how service-driven one’s business strategies are; or more specifically, how intimately one is connected to their end-users. To sum up, customers now enjoy greater bargaining and decision-making power than distributors.

With the advent of the internet and social media, consumers are better informed and demand greater value for money throughout the lifecycle of a product. While the value of customer service can never be understated, the key to success as an appliance manufacturer in today’s digital age lies largely on how well one anticipates a consumer’s needs and how quickly one converts them into a value proposition.

Understanding the value of after-sales services, Haier has been true to its commitment for not only customer-centric-innovation but also keeping up with the post-sale services. Haier India has a current footprint of over 450 service centers, including Haier Exclusive Service Centers (ESCs), Authorized Service Centers (ASCs) and Direct Service Centers (DSCs) in more than 19,000 pin codes across India. The company is devoted to ensuring a quick and efficient service solution for its customers across India with services like door-to-door Mobile Service Vans, 24*7 toll-free helpline, and Dr. FIDO Live Chat feature, which is available on the Haier India website.

Contrary to what many manufacturers believe, At Haier, we think post-sales goes beyond customer support and technical assistance and offers a chance to connect with customers while unleashing opportunities to produce tangible business results. As an example, Haier has a revolutionary feature of self-cleaning technology in its air-conditioners. Considering how quickly the dust accumulates on the evaporator unit of air conditioners, Haier introduced this feature, which allows users to automatically clean the evaporator of the air conditioner with minimal efforts. With this industry-first innovation, we are not only innovating customer-centric-products but also providing added services, enabling one to retain and reinstate customer’s faith in our brand.

Given the rapid pace of life today, a user may not want to spend time and efforts to look for product documentation, search for the invoice, or to make multiple calls to support helplines or wait in queues to get help with their appliances. Consumers are seeking proactive solutions today – something that one can develop only if they observe the usage of a product through its lifecycle.

Presently, open dialogue is the need of the hour, where one connects with their customers on an emotional level and take every critical feedback constructively and turn it into a business opportunity. First-hand knowledge about our customers, their needs, demands and expectations, usage patterns, and the experiences they expect out of a product has always been the ultimate motto for Haier.

Keeping in mind the growing consumer queries about the expertise of their appliance, At Haier, we believe in offering something extra to the users, like DIY tools, handy tips, or even customized props as per their age group.

In order to offer integrated solutions to consumers, Haier is the first-ever company in the industry to introduce a face recognition interface for engineers. This feature ensures a seamless and hassles free service experience through a qualified engineer visit from outsourced partners. In line with the security authentication aspect and wider acceptance of the feature among our service workforce, we at Haier have introduced this integration to ensure an easy and secure authentication for the engineers.

For Haier after-sale services is of utmost importance and having a strategy in place helps the brand get closer to its audiences and sustain lasting relationships with its consumers. As a product based company, Haier constantly aims at providing prompt after-sale services so that the customers continue to be delighted with its wide range of offerings.

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