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Food and Wine Pairing

  • Mar 17,2016
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With the holiday season just round the corner, it is now time to brighten the mood with some more festivity and merriment. Houses are ornamented with twinkling lights, streets are adorned with lights and decorations all over. It’s that time of the year when we are booked with year-end parties, family get-togethers and exchanging season’s greetings with friends, families and business clients. Restaurant tables are booked and what we cannot miss on the dinner table during these meetings is wine, a drink to celebrate with during this season.

Often when people are selecting wines for their meals, they are confused about how well it would pair with the food. A lot of thinking goes into deciding the menu to pair with the wine, so that the pairing is well-appreciated. A general thumb rule for food and wine pairing is, red wines go with meats while white wines complement poultry and fish. Serving wine the right way to your guest is also an art.

Enclosed below are few pointers to keep in mind while you serve your wine:

You can store your red wine in wine-cellar before serving

The rule of serving red wine in room tem temperature is yesteryears. Now everyone likes to cherish their red wines served chilled. Chilled wine do not flatten the taste and the fruitiness of the wine remains intact when served chilled. Wines served chilled is well appreciated and it pairs well with the poultry and fish food item that you have charted down for the dinner.

Choosing the right storage for your wine:

While it is important to pair your wine with the right food, it is also equally vital to store the wine at the right wine-cellars. Storage of wine in the right cellars keeps the quality of the wine intact for a longer period of time. At the same time, electronic temperature control in the wine-cellars helps preserve the wine quality, its taste and texture. For example the newly launched wine-cellar from Haier comes equipped with the anti- UV-protected glass door in it prevents UV rays from coming into contact with the wine hence, keeping the taste intact for a longer period of time, avoiding the unpleasant aroma that can spoil your most treasured wines.

Do not freeze your white wines:

To play the perfect host during one of your arranged parties, it is necessary to serve the wine at right temperature to your guests. Freezing white wines will only dampen the taste of the wine. We should note that only cheaper whites of lesser quality should be ice-cold. If a good quality white wine like a Chardonney, Semillon, or a Moscato is served too cold, the taste will be dulled and the value of these treasured wines will lose.

Serve wine in a big size cognac glass:

Wine is a lovable drink to cherish and wine-lovers appreciate the way wine is presented to them. From the glass to the color to the smell of the wine forms an important aspect when the drink is being served. It is imperative that wine is served in big size cognac glass to complement the drink. As we understand that the wine-lovers will need a big enough glass to swirl that wine and gulp it down. (After-all the wine has been sitting in that bottle for a while!).

Do not assume to serve wine with conventional food:

Though we have listed down certain thumb rules to food that we stick to when we consider serving wine to our guests. It also goes without saying, we should not restrict in serving contemporary foods as well like a Sizzler, American Chopsey or a Sushi. Good wine and good food always go together!

The wines need to be accompanied with well-thought-out, stimulating, and smart food pairing to usher the season. With the holiday season and festivity in the air, enjoy your treasured wine with your friends and families and make sure you drink them right. Happy Holidays!

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