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From Fantasy to Reality – AI-enabled TVs

  • Sep 25,2019
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Think about your favourite science fiction movies, shows, and even cartoons. What’s the common factor between all these things? Almost all your favourite entertainment content in the science fiction genre will include some form of Artificial Intelligence or AI that helps the characters perform a variety of tasks – from running an interstellar spaceship to managing their home and day-to-day tasks.

These fantastic dreams of yesterday are slowly becoming the reality of today. Just look at the smartphones we all carry with us. These technological marvels are equipped with operating systems that help you organize your day, your tasks and your life, allowing you to perform a myriad of functions from the palm of your hand – regardless of wherever you are.

Now, when we consider home electronics, it becomes clear that technology has continued to evolve at a rapid pace to make life easier for us with every passing day, beginning with our own homes. While the smartphone has evolved to become everybody’s preferred mode of content consumption (having started life as just a communication device), we still prefer to watch our favourite shows and movies on a big TV screen.

TV is an ever-present in every living room. It is still the primary entertainment unit for a home and an important part of the room’s décor. Even if you do not use cable or dish-based tv systems, you can use the TV to access your favorite content, either via the internet, or Bluetooth connectivity.

But what if your TV knows what to do in advance?

Haier India’s new Google Android TV is the latest avatar in the evolution of the humble television unit. This slim TV is equipped with Google-certified Android Operating System 9.0. The inbuilt Google Assistant can be activated by Voice Control, allowing you to perform all your content browsing and sorting tasks without spending time and energy that can otherwise be conserved for other tasks. Imagine coming home from work, in the mood for some music, and just wishing out loud, “Play me Arijit Singh songs.” And then your wish comes true!

The best part of this, however, is that you can use the Haier Google Android TV’s Smart AI to operate and manage all your other devices with voice control. You can use this TV as an IOT hub for all your other devices by simply adding the Smart Home Device to your google account. This will allow you to control the other IoT-based devices in your home such as your lights, air conditioners, etc.

And yes, in spite of all this, it is still a TV. That’s why it comes with 4K Ultra HD picture quality with Wide Colour Gamut and Dolby Digital Decoder Stereo Sound. Entertainment at its best.

This is where it becomes clear just how efficient technological achievements such as an AI-enabled TV can make our lives so much better. All the wonderful things about the science fiction of yesterday are inspiring a better life today.

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