Haier pioneers the art of refrigeration not only in the household sector but also in the commercial sector. Haier’s range of deep freezers, polar freezers, visi coolers and wine cellars is a preferred range in the market.


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Haier Convertible Refrigerator – For All Your Refrigeration Needs

  • Nov 22,2018
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Refrigerators have come a long way from being primarily a necessity to the most lovable home appliance in your home. Once considered a place for storing foods and beverages, refrigerators have witnessed tremendous developments over time. Today, you get a whole range of added features, improved technology and style that speaks for your status.

The latest in the list is convertible refrigerators that have opened up a new genesis of smart refrigeration. These next-gen refrigerators are designed keeping in mind the specific usage patterns, where freezer can be converted into a fridge or vice versa within a few minutes.

Haier, one of the fastest growing consumer durables companies in the world has launched its new range of convertible refrigerators that make the promise of easy usage and great energy savings. For example, its 8-in-1 convertible refrigerator comes with 8 convertible modes that are meant to serve every member of the family. Its 8 convertible modes are Normal, Vegetable, Home Alone, Surprise Party, Freezer, Vacation, Turbo, and Summer mode. These modes have been designed keeping in mind the divergent needs of Indian households.

Moreover, the refrigerator features Twin Inverter Technology in which both the compressor & fan motor works on inverter & have 10 years warranty on both respectively.

In the same category, the brand’s 5-in-1 convertible fridge features swift convertible technology that allows people to choose from 5 convertible modes depending on their needs. These modes are Normal, Veg, Energy-saving, Turbo Icing, and Retention.Similarly, Haier’s 748 Convertible Refrigerator features a Twin inverter compressor that saves your energy bills and comes equipped with 3 crispers in Ref department box out of which 1 crisper box is convertible.

With an urge to bring innovation to people’s lives, Haier introduces home appliances that make lives easier and delightful. There are myriads of smart features in these refrigerators that make them a smart choice for today’s households.

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