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Haier Convertible Refrigerators: Winters bring more space

  • Jan 30,2019
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Everyone has a unique relationship with winters; while some love it on the contrary others hate it. Winter is a season when people seek for long and comfortable nights and everyone just wants to sleep more. So let’s focus upon the major issues that we face in our household to make our winters tension free. The space is one of the major issues faced by consumers in winters as the refrigerators are usually stuffed with too many different items because there is no use of the freezer. With Haier convertible refrigerators we can utilize this space for other purposes.

Be it winters or summers the convertible refrigerators are useful in every season. Depending upon the requirements of its users this feature helps in adjusting the space as per the customer needs.

The normal understanding of the convertible zone is that the convertible zone stands for changing a fridge into a freezer and then a freezer in a fridge according to the consumer needs. Haier convertible refrigerators come in three different modes as per the varieties in its product range.

The different modes designed by Haier are 8 in 1 modes, 5 in 1 modes and Triple cooling convertible range. The 8 in 1 modes refrigerator comes in Bottom Mounted Range of Haier Refrigerators in which there are 8 modes which can be adjusted according to the customer preferences. There is normal mode for daily needs, Home Alone mode when you are staying out, Freezer mode for freezing purpose, Vacation mode for lesser items to be kept in the fridge, Vegetable mode for extra-large items and space, Surprise-party mode for party boosters, Turbo mode for swift chill and summer mode that helps to beat the heat. The 8 in 1 modes come with a wide range in Haier BMR.

Next mode is 5 in 1 refrigerators mode in which there are 5 adjustable modes that help in adjusting the refrigerator temperature according to the customer needs, these 5 modes help us to adjust our refrigerator according to the customer requirements. The first mode is adjusted according to the daily needs of the customer and is known as the normal mode which functions as keeping the normal temperature according to the daily needs. The second mode comes for the extra-large space to your vegetable box and it focuses upon keeping fresh food for a longer time and the other modes are energy saving mode, Turbo icing mode and longer retention mode.

With the convertible refrigerators there is no need to worry about the space in your refrigerator because Haier convertible refrigerator is giving more space to your unplanned needs. The last convertible range is triple cooling convertible range of refrigerators which comes in the premium range of SBS Refrigerators in compliance with the convertible refrigerators giving it more space than ever.

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