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Haier Customer Service – Redefining the art of customer services by touching hearts!

  • Sep 18,2018
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In today’s competitive market landscape, winning the hearts of your customers is an art. The brands that master this art always emerge out as the winners of the segment. A major element of this art is the customer service which establishes a lasting connection with the customer on behalf of the organization. From the initial product inquiry to managing customer complaints, customer service department in an organization plays a pivotal role in defining the success of any brand.

Being a renowned Home & Kitchen Appliances Brand in India, Haier always strives to deliver unmatched customer service at every step of the customer journey. The customer service team at Haier believes that customers should be treated like kings, when this is done, the brand gets positive reviews and word of mouth publicity. It also leaves a positive brand reputation among customers.

Some steps that Haier’s product service experts take to enhance customer service experience:

  • Better dressing and self-appearance
  • Wear Haier Identity Card properly
  • No stain on the uniform
  • Greet customers with folded hands
  • Introduce yourself
  • Always wear shoe covers before entering the home
  • Carry out detailed product testing
  • Rectify the problem
  • Confirm the proper functioning of the product with the customer
  • Say “No” to any tip

To enhance the safety of its products, Haier service team has come up with a Phase detector which allows customers to check and obtain information about the power stability at his place and Haier is the 1st in the industry to launch phase detector for the safety of customer’s home appliances. In case of any deviation, Haier service team reports to the customer at the same moment. The device helps the customer understand well about the safety and long sustainability of his/her appliance in home surroundings. The device runs as soon as it is connected to any of the house’s sockets, showing either the electrical phase at the customer’s home is stable or not.

Over the years, Haier service team has worked hard to win the hearts of its customer by delivering unmatched customer service in a quick and convenient manner. The brand has adopted international customer service practices to make sure that Haier’s customer always stays happy and satisfied with Haier products and customer service team.

With the concept of “customers as the foundation of growth”, Haier provides a one-stop star service to its customers. Since 2002, Haier has successfully established a network of over 5,000 domestic professional service suppliers to deliver timely Customer service.

To connect with our service team regarding any concerns related to your Haier product, Please Call: 1800-102-9999 or Email At: customercare@haierindia.com or you can now connect with us on Haier Social pages Facebook, Twitter & Instagram

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