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Haier Deep Freezers – The Next Kitchen Buddy for a Modern Woman

  • Jul 01,2017
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summerFast food is the term given to food that is prepared and served very quickly, first popularized in the 1950s in the United States. Any meal with low preparation time can be considered fast food. In a developing country like India, overall lifestyle (both in urban and rural space) is changing at a fast pace. Thanks to a parallel rise in media, internet usage, smart phones utility and growth of social media combined, aspiration levels of people in India have raised, and food is an important part of it.

As per a recent survey 34% of the people eat out around 2 times a week, 27% eat once, around 11% eat three or more times a week, 12% eat once a month, 3% eat on special occasions, while 12% love to eat out daily. The rise in working population has resulted in time paucity. The increase in socializing, preference of a nuclear family, younger professionals staying alone in metros; the growing acceptance of western food, and the need of freshly-cooked food has further fuelled the growth of frozen or ready-to-eat food. Gradually transforming the expectations we have from our food.

From Fresh To Frozen

summerOver the past decade, the ‘TV DINNER’ concept has become an essential part of the Indian consumer’s life. India is witnessing a changing trend in eating habits of people: higher standard of living, long working hours, less time available for cooking full-fledged meals & increasing demand of the kids for different varieties of food. This has resulted in increase in consumption of the frozen food. The other advantages like price, constancy, quality, longer shelf life are leading more customers from ‘fresh to frozen’. The category is poised to grow, though it is still new in the country. The frozen & convenience food industry, which started by offering basic frozen vegetables and fries, today offers a wide range of products, from fruits & vegetables to frozen meats and ready-to-cook, snacking and full meal options.

These situations have contributed considerably to the growth of frozen food items in India. The increase in purchasing of frozen food demands a more space for foods storage along with keeping their original, delicious state, waiting for you to come fish them out and enjoy; hence comes the use of ‘Deep Freezers’.

Deep Freezer – A Concept

summerThe concept of a Deep Freezer (DF) is relatively new in the Indian kitchen. The Deep Freezer revolves around hygiene and correct preservation of foods, notably desserts and frozen meat. Such food, if not preserved correctly can become stale very easily. As a result these items need to be preserved in near-ideal conditions for them to retain their original flavor and taste. Frozen desserts like ice-cream should be kept at -18 degree Celsius, while frozen meat items such as hams, sausages should be kept at a temperature of -22 degree Celsius.

This is where the standard refrigerator we find in the Indian household lagging behind. A regular refrigerator cannot preserve food as well as a proper Deep Freezer will, hence the concept of a small DF in the kitchen comes into being. The refrigeration sector in India is undergoing a drastic revolution, thanks to the rapid urbanization, changing lifestyle of the urbane couple. The Haier Deep Freezer offers plentiful space for storage. You can organize frozen foods nicely within the spacious interior of the Deep Freezer. This home appliance comes with a storage basket that lets you separate the things you use the most the most from the items that can stay in the freezer for months. Further, the basket is removable, which helps quite a bit with cleaning when it’s time to defrost your freezer.

The generous storage could help offset the extra rupees we spend for some households. This freezer can hold a considerable amount of assorted frozen foods used routinely by people who like to stock up on groceries during sales. The removable storage basket, this small chest freezer is equipped with a drain so you can easily remove water while manually defrosting it.

Typically in a household, a working couple would want to grab a quick meal that they may expect to have (what was once considered exotic) ingredients like salmons, hams or sausages. Their kids would want to have desserts, let’s say ice-creams. Now the options they have in such circumstances is either to constantly purchase such items, as and when needed on a daily basis, or to stock them in their pantry. The former becomes incredibly hard to achieve in the fast-paced urban lives that we have engulfed ourselves in. Haier’s household Deep Freezers come in a capacity of 100ltrs and 148ltrs that are designed to suit individual storing needs. The dynamic Deep Freezer provides various compartments which make it easy to store more food. The food can be stored in different compartments as per the daily needs, For instance, the food product like chocolates & ice-creams can be stored in the upper compartment, where your kids can easily reach and fish out their favorite food item whereas food items like raw meat, chicken and other poultry items can be stored in lower compartments. Each compartment in the Haier Deep Freezer can be set at different temperature as per the food type, keeping it fresh and free from becoming sour.

Haier Deep Freezers- Just For India

summerHaier Deep Freezers are especially relevant for the Indian conditions as they have been designed so that temperature inside the freezer is maintained even without electricity for as long as 5-6 hours in case of power failure. The freezer comes with a Super Freeze function on the control panel that helps in reducing the temperature to -180 to -210 degrees thereby enabling faster cooling. The Deep and quick freezing facility also helps cool quicker thus consumes less electricity and helps save on electricity bills. Some of the other features include mechanical temperature control with power indicator and High pressure foam cover for efficient Temperature preservation. The Freezer is easily movable from one place to another due to the presence of castor wheels. Haier Deep Freezer is easy to use, reliable, robust, and long-lasting efficiently storing your products in deep freeze state. This is why the Deep Freezer is the answer to keep your foods not only fresh (up-to 15-20 days) but hygienic as well. That’s why the concept and the demand of a Deep Freezer has become essential for a modern Indian kitchen.

With over three decades of experience in cooling solutions, Haier, the global leaders in Home Appliances & Consumer Electronics and the Number 1 Global Major Appliances Brand Company offers revolutionary home freezing solutions. Haier Deep Freezer is a technological breakthrough and this innovation further associates Haier’s leadership in the commercial freezer market. With unique features and design that can easily fit in any corner of your kitchen, Haier’s Deep Freezers also helps preserve the quality of food stored as well as prevent the wastage of food.

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