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The solution to your wine storage needs is almost here

  • Feb 20,2019
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Wine is seen as the epitome of class and luxury married with simple pleasures in the modern lifestyle. Wine is a perfect way to unwind the end of a long day, or for treating your guests in a different way. . The sweet, heady aroma of a properly chilled and matured wine can be the perfect companion for summer evenings around the corner.

However, in order to enjoy good wines at home, it is crucial to understand, how to store wine properly. (write something else)

It is a well-known fact amongst wine connoisseurs and consumers that room temperature is not ideal for wine storage. This is why there are lots of good wine storage units known as electronic wine cellars that allow you to store your bottles at the right temperature. It also saves the taste of wine from vibrations and ultra-violet light exposure, by maintaining optimum humidity control.

With so many solutions available with wine cellars one common issue which is left untouched is how to keep red and white wine together. . Most units come with a single in-built temperature adjustment unit. Therefore, you can only store either red wine or white wine. Red wine requires a storage temperature of around 13o-18o C, and on the other hand white wine require a storage temperature of around 7o-13o C. Due to this the consumers end up spending a huge amount in buying two separate storage units.

If you are looking for a wine storage unit that can store both, red wines as well as white wines, then the WS137 GDAI, a dual-storage wine cellar designed by Haier, will be the perfect fit for you. The wine cellar comes with two separate sections, each with its own smart temperature adjustment unit, allowing you to maintain storage temperatures for both the sections individually. This lets you store red wines in one compartment, while the white wines can be stored in the other. The dual-storage wine cellar manages this easily thanks to its overall temperature range of 5o-20o C.

The big wine cellars of old, famed for housing some of the best wines, are usually designed to control the light and humidity with the right temperature so that wines are allowed the time to age naturally and develop the right taste. At the same time, these cellars prevent vibrations from disturbing the sediments in the bottles, which might otherwise cause a chemical reaction that dulls the taste of the wine.

The Haier WS137 GDAI replicates all and while holding up to 136 bottles, with each shelf made of durable and high-quality wood, while the exterior comes with a stainless-steel finish, giving it a sleek and modern look that will raise the aesthetic appeal of your beautiful kitchen.

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