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Haier LEDs Displaying the True Colors of India

  • Jun 25,2017
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summerThe real pleasure to watch a modern LED TV is when the actual colors of the subjects are

LCDs, LEDs, OLED and now even QLEDs are some of the most popular kind of televisions currently available in the market where LED is simply an updated version of the LCD generation and similarly OLEDs and QLEDs are further updated and advanced versions. Since there is a trend for larger screen sizes (usually 40-inch+), it has been observed that while all these television categories would proliferate in the years to come, the LED TV segment is anticipated to maintain its dominance over the next five years as well. This is because LED screens are energy efficient, more cost effective and provide better High Definition (HD) picture quality and refresh rate.


summerThe latest technology that we introduced in the world of smart televisions is the 4K technology, Smart Android TVs, curved TVs. In these categories we introduced some remarkable variety of Android based smart televisions and multiple 4K Ultra HD TVs ranging up to 85”. It further creates an immersive entertainment experience bringing together the best of true colors and clear vision all in one.


summerThe uniform viewing distance that lets the consumer focus on the entire screen rather than just concentrating on the center. The high resolution images in these TVs appear more colourful, vibrant, real, and sharper at the edges. These images also seem 3D. This is due to the existence of the images on multiple depth planes. A curve screen also facilitates better contrast as it focuses the light towards the seated person rather than scattering it around a broader area. Furthermore, wider viewing angle provides the best television watching experience as curved edges retain the colour with almost perfect accuracy.

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