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Haier Refrigerators – Brings Greater Energy Efficiency That Leads To More Savings

  • Dec 28,2018
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When it’s all about buying a refrigerator, energy efficiency is one of the major factors that influence the buying decision of the consumers. This leads to a higher competition and therefore the brands introduce cost effective products and more reliable features in the market in order to outperform their competitors by offering more value to their consumers.

Now, based upon the usage analysis of a refrigerator, it is the product that is usually running all the time – so finding one that’s performing exceptionally on energy efficiency aspects helps you to bottom line your choices. Besides this, the cooling performance of the product should not be compromised for more energy saving.

Haier’s Top Mount & Bottom Mount Refrigerators comes equipped with Twin Energy saving modes that helps you save up to 30% energy. Mode 1 helps you save 15% of the energy and mode 2 helps you save 30% of the energy which is not available in any conventional refrigerator in the same category
Haier, world’s leading home appliances brand, is known to revolutionize home appliances and bringing energy efficiency for more power savings. More specifically, SBS refrigerators – which conventionally consumes a lot of energy every year are developed using Twin Inverter Compressors that promotes significant reduction in electricity consumption and merely consumes lesser than one unit in a day.

Any Refrigerator segment of Haier will have one or the other way to help you save energy. Be it Direct Cool, be it Top Mount, Bottom Mount or be it the bigger capacity SBS, you will always end up saving energy.

Haier’s Twin energy Savings modes in New Top Mount & Bottom Mount enables greater energy savings by automatically adjusting the cooling efficiency of the refrigerator. Haier refrigerators are also equipped with turbo icing technology that makes ice in 49 minutes and comes in many vibrant colors and patterns, with a warranty of 10 years on the compressor and the fan.

This significantly improves cooling performance, better food storage, cost efficiency and eventually leads to more savings.

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