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Haier Released the 1st IoT Laundry Platform

  • Apr 13,2018
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On March 8th, at the Appliance & Electronics World Expo 2018 (AWE), Haier released the industry’s first, as well as the largest IOT laundry platform in the world. It will also promote the IOT shared laundry model in the world. While providing users with smart laundry experience, Haier is leading the industry into a new era of shared laundry.

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Haier Covers Over 60% in the Market of Domestic IOT Shared Laundry

At present, the shared laundry business of Haier has expanded into universities, hotels, apartments and other fields. In China, it has been introduced to 32% of the self-service laundry rooms, providing service to over 10 million users. In the shared laundry field based on smart IOT, the share of Haier Washing Machine exceeds more than 60%, which makes it in the absolutely leading position of the industry.

Haier Becomes Top Brand in the Commercial IOT Laundry Market of Japan

In Japan, where the community laundry has been very common, Haier successfully explored the Japanese market with its IOT cloud platform developed by AQUA brand. Users can reserve the available washing machines online and acquire information about the laundry process in real time. Partners can monitor the washing machine remotely so as to reduce labor costs.

It is said that AQUA smart community laundry has scored 75% of the market share in Japan and grabbed the “biggest cake” of the commercial IOT washing machine in Japan.

In the future, the smart laundry, which connects users with smart washing machine, will undoubtedly become the trend of the industry. Guided by the “RenDanHeYi” model, Haier Washing Machine will, as what it has done before, precisely grasp the need of users in different regions and build a global platform for the IOT laundry so that users worldwide can quickly and easily enjoy the laundry services provided by Haier.

As the era of IOT approaches, Haier has been leading the industry.

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