Haier pioneers the art of refrigeration not only in the household sector but also in the commercial sector. Haier’s range of deep freezers, polar freezers, visi coolers and wine cellars is a preferred range in the market.


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  • Dec 28,2018
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Competition has risen incredibly in the last decade. There are number of alternatives ready to pitch in anytime and with the unaccountable rise in the commercial sector in last few years, the competition is increasing fiercely with a smarter customer base who does all research before buying any product. The most important part of success of any brand is their customer base. A stronger customer base leads to exponential growth of the brand.

There are a number of benefits that certainly leads to continues growth of the business and one important factor is consumer itself. The common consumer behavior is directly related to the after sales services provided by a brand. They help in retaining customers within the brand itself, the benefits are associated with providing good after sale services to its customers which directly gives an increase in sales by getting reliable customers. There are other benefits that include the loyalty of customers and overall improvement in the sustenance of the business also. A good after sales services includes maintaining a relationship with its customers by thanking them immediately after the purchase of any product from the brand by adding some thank- you note along with the invoice of the purchase, this will make the customers happy about their purchase. To keep the relationship growing a brand should be maintaining some contact with its customers in a gap of every 1-2 weeks. The maintaining communication will make the customers be more reliable upon us and also it will give the new methods of improvement for a better experience.

Haier Appliances, a consumer durables brand understands the requirement of its consumers. Not only understanding the requirements of the consumers it also believes in making improvements in the customer interaction. With the exponential growth in the business Haier India has proved itself as a brand that ‘Inspired Living’ for its customers by launching a ‘Face Identification Feature’ for its engineers. This face detection feature will ensure a greater customer satisfaction to its consumers and also an enhanced security with the identification of the engineers.The face recognition technology will work on real time basis and identify the live facial features of a registered services engineer. During the registration process, engineers will be required to do a series of real time facial gestures like; blinking of eyes and head movement, among others. Once the authentication is done, it will offer a smooth interface to all the recognised working engineers to receive and attend customer queries.

Haier India has a current footprint of over 450 services centres, including Haier Exclusive services Centers (ESCs), Authorized services Centers (ASCs) and Direct services Centers (DSCs) in more than 19,000 pin codes across India. The company is devoted to ensure a quick and efficient services solution for its customers across India with services like door to door Mobile services Vans, 24*7 toll-free helpline and Dr. FIDO Live Chat feature which are available on the Haier India website.

Until now, Haier has been able to create a database of 2500+ validated engineers and is expected to cross over 3000+ by January 2019.

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