Haier pioneers the art of refrigeration not only in the household sector but also in the commercial sector. Haier’s range of deep freezers, polar freezers, visi coolers and wine cellars is a preferred range in the market.


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Haier Wine Cellar

  • Mar 17,2016
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Product Specifications

Haier Wine Cellar – comprises of a solid-state chip, coupled with H20/C02 heat exchange technology. When compared with current cooling compressors, this electronic chip weighs 25 times less and is 100 times smaller.

Other major features

No Vibration

To maintain its quality, wine requires particular storage conditions as any vibrations can disorder its molecular structure. When in standard mode, with solid-state cooling, the WS40GDA uses advanced solid state cooling components and a heat exchange system with no moving parts, creating a completely still wine storage environment.

Precise Temperature Control

Consistent temperature and humidity are indispensable factors for the ideal storage of wine. Temperature affects taste and lifespan while humidity variations can cause the wine to oxidize or change odor. Haier’s solid state wine cellar uses dual power control electronics realizing temperature fluctuations less than +0.5°F”and consistent humidity.


Haier’s solid state wine chiller uses H2O/CO2 refrigerant with a Global Warming Potential (GWP) of just 1, as compared to >1700 for compressor-based systems. Furthermore the heat exchange capacity is 8X higher than ordinary systems reducing energy consumption to meet the California Energy Standard.

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