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Have Safer Bath With Haier Shock Proof Water Heaters This Winter Season

  • Oct 01,2016
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Winter is slowly setting in and we can already feel the nip in the air. With the advent of the chilly weather in India especially in the Northern part. While we emphasis on safe bath and the technology that would ensure you and your loved ones enjoy the balmy winter mornings.

Haier being the world’s number 1 brand for 7 consecutive years as per Euromonitor (UK) is a strong player in the water heater segment. Water heater being a seasonal commodity typically sees a spike in sales during winters. Haier water heaters are equipped with great innovative functionalities such as the patented SAFECARE technology (which converts 230 Volt to 12 Volts in-case of electrical leakage or faulty grounding wire system). The product range starts from 3 Ltrs. to 100 Ltrs. and almost all water heaters of Haier are BEE 5 star rated and offers 4 years comprehensive guarantee on product and 7 years replacement guarantee on inner tank in case of storage* Water Heaters.

It also comes with an 8 bar withstanding pressure suitable for high-rise building and pressure pump application. This feature is available in both storage as well as instant water heaters.

Haier ES10V-Q1(H) shock proof water heater is the latest offering from the world number 1 global brand with special emphasis on 100% SafeCare- a unique patented Technology only from Haier and a 5 Star energy label (approved by the Government of India energy efficiency body BEE) which can help you save around 50% of total electricity* consumed. Haier also offers standard free installation on range of WHs and 8 GB pen drive free along with music water heaters for the end users.

Top Features that makes the New Haier Shock Proof Water Heaters So Special?

  • Safe Care – The heater comes with a special structure especially designed for Indian regions with electricity problems for example a missing of earth wire, a wrong wire connection, faulty electricity lines or leakage etc. primarily to prevent your family with electric shock related accidents.
  • UMC Tank – The 2mm thick steel UMC tank (Ultra Micro Coated) comes with vitreous enameling, meaning a longer life of the tank and it protects the metal body from early corrosion.
  • Eight Bars Rated Pressure – This tank has passed 160,000 cycles impulse test under 10 Bars, that ensures working pressure of 8 Bars.
  • RSC Technology- This ensures a constant flow of hot water through the rounded structure of the inlet tube.
  • Incoloy 800 SS Heating Element – this heating element with height efficiency of 97.9 % maintains best performance under hight temperature & pressure conditions.
  • EPS Insulation – PUF/EPS insulation retains hot temperature for long, reducing reheating requirements. Save electrictiy upto 50%
  • Water Proof IPX4 Coating – All water heaters passes through IPX4 water proof test for use in typical humid environments in India and ensures long lasting use, making the water heater non corrosion & splash proof as well.
  • Magnesium ROD – The Extra-long & thick Magnesium Rod, a European Technology, with a density of 220 G/m2 works as a sacrificial andoe extending the tank life by up to 50%

The safe care patented technology from Haier offers its users 100% safety or optimum safety. In a recent survey* (mid-2014) carried out in the NCR region internally by Haier team, it was found that alarmingly 73% of Delhi homes* may face a pertinent threat of electricity shocks owing to wrong connections, and the data revealed that a majority of homes had their Earth missing or L&E reversed etc. In India usage of water heaters is growing but far as safety parameters of taking a morning shower is concerned, some serious checks and balances are required. The ShockProof technology in Haier acts as a resistant and shields your family from fatal and heavy shocks. The technology converts or reduces a 220 Volt Line into 12 Volt, hence making the heater non-fatal, and likely to eliminate of the injuries caused by the use of water heater in an electrically conductive environment. The water heaters from Haier match the global design and safety standards in an electrically conductive environment.

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