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How To Choose The Perfect Water Heater For Your Family This Monsoon

  • Jun 29,2017
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With the changing weather conditions and the departing summers, monsoon has taken over in almost all the parts of the country. Reports as per IMD (India Meteorological Department) suggest that the entire country will be covered with monsoon before July/August.

India is a country of vast variations when it comes to weather conditions, undoubtedly no two cities have similar climate. The temperatures may vary from paramount cold weather up north to uttermost humid down south. This variation leads to diverse needs and requirements when it comes to products such as water heaters throughout the country, depending on the needs of a particular region. Additionally with the different seasons that we witness in our country such as summer, spring, autumn, winter further contributes to demand and growth of products like water heaters. Further, as the market of electronic water heater is becoming mature, manufacturers are focusing on adding new features apart from energy efficiency such as digital display, dual thermostat, and current leakage protection.

Monsoon is ideally the time of the year when the pleasant breeze starts to blow and we start switching on the water heaters for a nice hot bath in the mornings. So, this monsoon if you are thinking of upgrading your water heater to buy a new one then here are some significant things to keep in mind while purchasing a water heater.

Energy efficiency

energy_efficiencyEnergy efficiency is one of the most important aspects that one needs to consider while purchasing any electronic appliance. With increasing electricity bills and environmental issues, energy efficiency becomes one of the most important parameters while purchasing any appliance. When it comes to water heaters one should look at buying a product which has a high star rating and helps in saving energy. For example, the modern tankless water heaters are much more energy efficient than the traditional ones. An energy efficient water heater saves money on electricity bill every month. Thus, one should look for a water heater which has a higher BEE rating since it helps in saving energy considerably.

Product Life

The life of the product is another concern a consumer has while buying any electronic appliance. Therefore one should consider products with maximum warranty time and with features that further help in keeping the product well maintained. One must look for water heaters which are made with high-quality materials and are corrosion free. The parts of the water heater should be easily replaceable or available in case of any damage. Further, the life expectancy of the water heater depends a great deal on the quality of water in a particular area. Regions which have hard water with poor water quality might impact the life of the water heater.

Pocket friendly

The price of the product is one of the most important factors that contributes to the purchase decision. A water heater should come equipped with best in class features and at the same time shouldn’t causing a dent on the consumer’s pocket. Therefore, before making a choice, one must consider their specific household needs and lifestyle and select a product which best suits their requirements in the available budget.

Space Occupancy

In today’s era when the concept of compact and studio apartments is gaining prominence, space consumption is yet another critical issue. A conventional water heater is bulky in size which occupies a lot of space. Taking into consideration the technological progress along with design advancements which have taken place, water heaters are designed with world class technology today which can easily fit into a corner without taking much space. One such example of this can be horizontal shaped water heaters which consumer far less space as compared to a conventional water heater. Additionally, there are flat surfaced water heaters which are also available in the market which consumes less space considerably.

Shockproof technology

The biggest concern a family has while purchasing a water heater is whether the heater is equipped with appropriate safety measures or not. For instance, in many parts of India, people still struggle with voltage issues, improper wiring, faulty electricity lines or leakage, or a wrong wiring connection, which can lead to an accident while using products such as water heaters. water heaters should be ideally armed with shock proof features in order to avoid accidents and loss of life and property. Thus, the shockproof technology which is a patented technology by Haier, acts as a resistant and shields the family from fatal and heavy shocks.

Smart technology

Looking at the current scenario globally as well as in India, the scope of smart and internet enabled devices has increased considerably. These days, modern water heaters come equipped with internet ready features and can be directly connected with your smart devices remotely. Further, heaters with smart processors can also learn the usage pattern of a particular consumer and heat water accordingly.

Hence, keeping all these factors in consideration, one should be wise enough to choose a water heater which is a complete balance of top notch features and state of the art design.

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