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Indian Summers Only With Haier Antarcticool Air Conditioners

  • Apr 11,2016
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An Indian summer typically resonate humidity, sweat, extreme discomfort. The most comfortable appliance in a torrid summer is an Air Conditioner. One wants to get in a comfortable environment to escape the scorching sun and rising temperatures soaring each day. To beat the humidity, scorching heat, and extreme discomfort can be easily dealt with effective Air Conditioning in your homes. You control the temperature to get rid of a general mugginess and improve internal air quality.

AC not a Luxury

Air conditioners which were earlier considered as luxury products are today one of the basic necessities of every modern household. The primary factors contributing to this shift is the increase in disposable income and an aspiration amongst people to lead a better life. Though the purchasing power of the Indian population has increased, but the cost involved in buying an air conditioner needs a careful consideration since, various aspects have to be kept in mind while buying the appropriate air conditioner for your home. For example, power consumption and the environment are a big concern today therefore, products with low energy consumption and high star ratings is a fact to be kept in mind while purchasing an AC. Haier has a full range of highly energy efficient ACs that are exceptionally designed and include exclusive features especially developed for Indian conditions.

Haiers’ New AC

Haier has been a pioneer in its range of compressor products and has enjoyed a good market share always. Talking about the range of Haier air conditioners, innovative technologies such as the “one minute to cool” AC and the recent addition called the DAWN series have been introduced to augment the line of ACs by Haier. The “one minute to chill” is armed with Antarcticool technology and exciting features such as in-built Wi-Fi. The latest Dawn Series Air conditioners from Haier support numerous superior features such as the A- PAM DC Inverter technology that adopts additional momental control to decrease the vibration in the low compressor frequency which increases cooling efficiency by 15%. The Air conditioners also feature a 40 feet+ Air Throw technology and turbo function that works in tandem to provide a super-cool Antarctic experience. The specially designed cross ?ow fan and optimized air duct delivers a long distance air sweep function so that no room is too big for maintaining an even temperature, while the air conditioning turbo function can reach desired temperatures in a matter of a minute. The motor also features a special program of settings with certain sets of calculated high frequencies to cool interiors with more speed and efficiency. The Nano Aqua generator ionizes water molecules and kills bacteria by changing its molecular structure. It also uses air moisture to generate micro cluster water, which can be easily absorbed by the skin, keeping it moist and supple. Apart from being cooling devices, these new age ACs are also high on innovative features like 3D Air flow, Night Glow Remote, Humidity control, Air purification and they perform efficiently even in the extreme weather conditions of Indian summer.

Haier Factory in India and Innovation

As a brand Haier believes in introducing products with state-of-the-art technology to best suit the needs of a modern contemporary family. The core focus of Haier has always been to innovate and make products with superior quality which support advanced features and technology and are at par with the expectations of the consumers. Focusing on innovation and the Make in India initiative by the Indian Government, Haier will be investing nearly Rs. 500 crores in 2016 to develop its existing manufacturing facility in Pune. Apart from this continuing legacy of manufacturing revolutionary and technologically advanced products Haier introduced a range of products called the i-age series in the year 2014, as a part of this series 71 products were launched under the i-age category on a single day, which included air conditioners, refrigerators, televisions, washing machines, deep freezers, wine cellars, panels and water heaters.

Haier The Global Brand and the i-Age Generation

Due to the internet penetration increasing at rapid pace and with the advent of smart phones, majority of us today depend upon internet for many of our daily chores and activities. Therefore, the i-age category primarily caters to the internet age or internet generation as we call it, who are always on the go and depend on internet for almost everything. Further, Haier has been named the Number 1 global home appliance brand (2015) for the last seven years by Euromonitor International, UK, a world leader in strategy research for consumer markets. In 2012 the Boston Consulting Group named Haier one of the ten most innovative companies in the world as well as the most innovative company in the consumer and retail category. Its global headquarters are based in the Chinese city of Qingdao and it also has regional headquarters in New Delhi, Paris, New York and Tokyo. Haier also has 5 R&D centres, 66 trading companies and 24 industrial parks worldwide. Haier Electronics Group Co., Ltd. a subsidiary of the Haier Group, is listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKG: 1169). By drawing on its competitive strengths in marketing, the Internet, logistics and services, Haier Electronics Group aims to provide an integrated and unrivalled consumer experience. Qingdao Haier Co., also a subsidiary of Haier Group, is listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange (SHA: 600690) and focuses on driving innovation in smart home technologies.

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