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Let your dreams come true with Haier India

  • Sep 20,2018
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The reminiscence of our childhood is associated in the sports which occupies a large part of our brain. To be better at something is simply a way of being different. The madness related to games is still difficult to define in words and hence big tournaments are made just to compete in a more defined manner.

Cricket is the gentleman’s game which is played by two teams of 11 players each. This game is played with utter etiquette and given respect worldwide. The true madness of this game is seen in every household if the viewers are experiencing this day-night game with the players live in the cricket stadium.

The 14th Asia Cup held in the month of September is a series of matches that played among the five members of Asian Cricket Council and it is held in UAE every year. This year Haier Appliances India, came with a unique initiative to let Indians meet their dreams of watching the live cricket match in a different country. Haier sponsored an integrated campaign where the customers of Haier products were asked simple questions related to the product information and technology. #AsiaCupWithHaier was a campaign announced on 1st September 2018 with Asia Cricket Cup. The customers who wanted to enroll in the contest were required to buy any Haier product with a monetary value of up to 15000 rupees and answer the few simple questions related to the products.

The relevance to the true sportsmanship is seen in the spirit of the people cheering for their teams while sitting in the stadium. This year Haier Appliances has helped its customers to get closer to their dreams and the digital campaign was more focusing upon educating its customers about the products information.

Haier as a brand is focused upon meeting the requirements of its customer in every possible way.

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