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Oceanus wave Drum Technology for ‘Clean and Deep’ wash.

  • Sep 22,2018
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In a life filled with a busy schedule, dirty laundry always requires our attention to be clean again. One of the important man-made inventions in history has been Washing Machines which save both of our time and energy. Still, everyone feels that hand wash gives a better cleaning well not exactly! So what is better?

With Haier’s new range of Fully Automatic Top Load Washing Machines equipped with Oceanus Wave Drum technology, Haier India has come up with a solution to your every query. The Oceanus wave drum technology effectively cleans your fabric with lesser abrasion. This technology is introduced in the New Range of washing machines from Haier. Oceanus Wave Drum is a cubical drum which enables a stronger water flow creating a good amount of turbulence between water, clothes surface area and washing machine’s drum for effective and deep cleaning of your clothes.

The Oceanus wave drum technology is enabled in model name HWM85-678GNZP which is a more premium product as of its looks and technology. Apart from the Oceanus wave technology this model has a number of other innovative features that include the storm wash and soft fall technology which ensure more care to your clothes. It has two magic filters as well along with the vortex pulsator focusing more on the hygienic wash and removal of the dust from the clothes.

Well, there you have it! Now you know how Haier’s Washing Machines enabled with Oceanus Wave Drum Technology helps you in getting a clean wash.

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