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Promise your family a Safe Life: Choose the Right Water Heater for your Home

  • Nov 30,2018
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As we begin to feel the nip in the air, we know it’s time to take stock of our winter necessities – from quilts and woolens to electric heating appliances including room and water heaters to stay warm and cozy through the season.

The electric water heater market has gradually evolved with time, with various consumer durable brands introducing new products with cutting-edge technologies. Water Heaters are a seasonal product and are bought only once in 2-3 years. Therefore, it is important for brands to approach customers in the correct manner and ensure they make an informed purchase decision. Customers consider a lot of factors before picking the best electric water heater for their homes. Apart from budget and aesthetics, there has been an increase in awareness about other small, but important features of a Water Heater which help the customers make the right choice. Here’s a list of a few vital features of Haier Water Heaters that make it a viable and attractive proposition for the customers.

  • SHOCK-PROOF Technology – One of the key factors while choosing the right water heater for your home is safe. And therefore, a water heater that ensures a risk-free and safe user experience becomes one of the biggest deciding factors for customers. Haier’s patented SHOCKPROOF technology is designed especially for reducing the accidental rate in bathrooms which have electricity issues such as lack of earth wires, improper wiring connections and electricity leakage which can result in an accident.
  • Multi-Usage Valve– The multi-usage valve is a safety device which acts as a pressure relief system. If an excessively high temperature or pressure were to build up in the water heater, Haier’s MUV valve is designed to open, relieving the effects of the high temperature and/or pressure and so preventing an explosion. Haier electric water heaters are equipped with a Multi-Usage Valve enabled with the TTS technology which uses two sensors for complete protection from overheating.
  • iBPS (Intelligent Bacteria Proof System) – Impure water is one of the key causes of health problems and when it comes to family, one would want to pick the best of all choices to keep them healthy and happy. Haier water heaters are installed with Intelligent Bacteria Proof System (iBPS), a revolutionary technology that makes the water heat up to 80 degrees Celsius, killing the harmful legionella bacteria.
  • Tough UMC Inner Tank – Everybody loves endless hot showers but are left wanting for more water due to less storage capacity of water heaters. Haier water heaters come with a large tank capacity and is equipped with a 2mm thick steel Ultra Micro-Coated (UMC) tanks with vitreous enamelling to protect the tank from corrosion and also has an extra-long & thick Magnesium Rod, a European Technology, with a density of 220 G/m2 extending the tank life by up to 50 per cent. Their unique three-layered tank conforms to the Germany DIN standard for adding more durability
  • Incoloy Heating Element – In a generation where everybody wants quick work, Haier water heater range comes equipped with Incoloy 800 stainless steel heating element with high efficiency of 97.9% that ensures fast water heating process and delivers the best performance under high temperature and pressure conditions.
  • Voltage Controller – For energy savings and homes with small children, many consumer safety organizations recommend buying a water heater with a voltage controller installed in it so as to avoid kids getting harmed by hot boiling water. Haier water heaters are installed with a digital voltage controller to make your experience safer. It is recommended to set your water heater thermostat to 120 degrees. A special word of caution, however: water temperatures below 120°F can enable unhealthy bacteria to grow inside your water heater.

New-age water heaters that are being launched in the market are designed while keeping in mind the criticality of electric safety in Indian households. Therefore, it is important that one should make the right choice and buy what’s best for their families and their healthy living.

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