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Recap 2018: The year we believed, achieved and transformed lives with meaningful innovations

  • Dec 24,2018
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We are closing in on yet another successful year. The success comes from the passionate people at Haier, who have immensely supported and contributed to the growth. As the year 2018 is coming to an end, it’s time to reflect upon the big things that we witnessed at Haier and the industry. Each year, new stories to make household chores easy along with proper use of home appliances tops the list, in same way 2018 was no exception. We delivered top of the league appliances and inspired industry to take their game one notch higher. Our focus on innovative product portfolio and further development of after sales service were recognised and admired by the customers.

The home and consumer appliance industry experienced stable growth through the year. Despite price hike and rupee depreciation during much important festival period, we were able to offer incentives and discounts through our channel partners as its alternative. During the festival-season sale, e-commerce players had shown phenomenal growth for home appliances and television sets. While the sale period was impacted by natural disasters like Kerala flood, but even that did not restrain us from expanding our product line-up, and providing with alternatives so the end buyer doesn’t feel the pinch of price hike.

Indian buyers are informed previously about the offers and they come with great conviction to make a purchase. Not only they seek convenience and innovation through the home appliances, but also they are happy to invest in the advanced technologies that complement their lifestyle and regular habits.

For Haier, the year has been optimistic and witnessed growth across all categories. We introduced many technically advanced products including; the Double Drum washing machine, Self-cleaning technology Air Conditioner and an enormous range of bottom mounted refrigerators, water heaters, etc.

Following our philosophy ‘Inspired living’, our products addressed the limitations faced by a customer on a daily basis. These includes;

Self-cleaning inverter technology air conditioners: The industry’s first air conditioners with self-cleaning inverter technology air conditions that is equipped with superior and unmatchable features. It is designed to add that extra bit of comfort and convenience to the lives of the consumers and help them fight the soaring temperature with no hassle. With this new technology, it enables automatic cleaning of the evaporator by decreasing the temperature of the evaporator to certain degrees that eventually leads to frosting the surface with 30% increased condensate water. This removes the dust particles present on the evaporator through a strong cold expansion force generated by frosting, which is further washed away in defrosting of these coils by pressing one button on the remote. Besides this, for a cleaner air flow, the AC also comes with Nano silver ion coating in the evaporator fins, which assures anti-bacterial efficiency up to 99.9% and allows a user to automatically clean the evaporator of the air conditioner with minimal efforts.

Bottom Mounter Refrigerators: We were the first ever brand in the country to introduce BMR range of refrigerators. Understanding the need of such refrigerators in India basis an extensive research that analysed the design of the traditional refrigerators where the less used freezer section is at the top and the more used refrigerator section is at the bottom. Consequently, making the user to bend down every time to reach for their desired food items, therefore the BMR not only provides best in class quality but also solves a big constraint of its users.

Double Drum Top Load Washing Machine: We also introduced DUO Wash, the ground breaking Double Drum Top Load washing machine in India which is especially designed with a unique feature to address separate laundry needs of a single family. For instance, users can segregate their laundry according to their individual needs, like – whites and colored clothes, innerwear and outerwear, delicate clothes and regular wear, and much more. In case of families with kids, baby clothes can be segregated from rest of the load and still be washed concurrently. This not only adds to the convenience, but also helps in saving time and energy for its users.

Easy Connect LED TV Range: During the festive season, we launched our Easy connect LED television range that eliminated a massive challenge of ‘buffering’ that consumers face, this range came up the Smart Share feature, which gives the Android mobile users a smarter way of screening content on the large screen of the LED TV without internet connectivity options like Wi-Fi or Bluetooth that helped our consumers to easily access their favourite content without any hindrance

All in all, the results and response have been overwhelming throughout the 2018. We were successful in leaving a mark in the industry and were also able to add to greater daily efficiency of our customers. We are excited to welcome the new year – 2019 and foresee continued innovation and growth. However, before we together embark upon the journey ahead, it’s important to reflect on the learnings, challenges and possibilities that come along. The New Year always starts with 365 blank pages; let’s fill those with success, prosperity and overall growth.

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