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Save More Energy With Twin Energy Savings Technology

  • May 28,2019
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We all celebrate the International Energy Efficiency day on 5th March. The utter importance of this day is when we ask ourselves what we actually do to save energy. Could I be somehow more efficient? Well, you are doing it already!

We have seen several ways of saving energy, starting from switching off lights whenever you leave your room and moving forward in buying a home appliance with a 5-star rating. Even after taking all these measures, we are still doubtful about it.

The main reason why we are looking for saving energy is that energy saving simply helps in saving more money and it also reduces the overall impact of your house to the environment. For example: if every person living America replaces one- light bulb in their home with one more energy efficient bulb, then, it would help in saving around $600 million annual costs for energy.

Now let us also discuss apart from looking for 5-star energy rating, what else we should look forward in our home appliances section. Well, Haier has again provided a solution for everyone looking for buying something more than 5-star energy efficient ratings.  This solution is none other than Twin Inverter Technology. Haier is able to create an overall new trend with India’s First Twin Inverter technology that has been introduced by Haier. In this, both Fan motor and compressor motor are working on the Direct Current. This reduces the fluctuations in the flow of voltage. This also improves the overall life of a compressor and enables it for a longer term to function properly.

This technology covers many models starting from Top-Mount Frost Free, Bottom Mounted Refrigerator, Side By Side and Four Door refrigerators by Haier. Along with all this Haier is the only brand that is offering a warranty of 10 years on all its refrigerators. Now no need to worry for 10 years on your purchase of Haier Refrigerators along with saving energy.

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