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Smart Homes creating a connected future

  • Sep 25,2018
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summer Technology has a vast influence on the way things are being done and consumers have been constantly adapting to it. Smart technologies, Internet of things, connected devices are the buzzwords which have been making noise for some time now and are paving the way for smart homes.

The Internet of Things is the concept that enables the interconnectivity of physical objects and devices that are integrated with sensors and software, allowing them to collect and exchange data. One of the business that stands to gain the most from the IoT technology is the consumer durable industry. Consumer electronics companies are integrating their products with IoT to produce a range of smart products making lives simpler for its users. According to Gartner, there will be over 20.5 billion connected ‘things’ by 2020. These connected devices are taking home automation to an entirely new level.

Smart homes are a major step on the evolutionary ladder for residential spaces, and their primary aim is to make living more comfortable, convenient, secure, entertaining, and sustainable. In India, the market for smart homes has been growing steadily. Every year, the uptake of smart homes in India is increasing by 15-18 per cent in tier 1 cities. Just a few years ago, smart Indian homes comprised of advanced security features like cameras, smart door, locking systems and similar surveillance. Today, the implications have expanded to include electronically enabled lighting systems, fire detection systems, energy efficiency monitoring, entertainment systems, etc.

Thanks to constant technological advancements, smart home appliances are the next generation conventional appliances. These technologies help in connecting various gadgets and instruments in the house to provide an efficient and easy lifestyle. Take for instance, a smart refrigerator can detect the need to refill groceries taking into account the daily preferences and consumption of the family. It would also be designed to adjust the cooling temperature with respect to the temperature outside. Such a venture would prove to be a blessing in disguise especially for the families with working parents. Another by-product of IoT technology could be a smart washing machine which detects the type of cloth and automatically adjusts the water level, washing time and detergent quantity required to complete the laundry process. Imagine a smart bedroom that adjusts the lighting of the room according to the need, draws curtains when it’s time to wake up, the air condition automatically adjusts to the environment and the room doors fastens, all with a click of a button on the mobile phone.

One key application of Haier global Smart Homes is its range of interconnectivity which has been deployed in five spaces within the home creating smart living room, smart kitchen and smart bathroom, smart bedroom, each of which serve as an interactive control centre. The appliances are designed to adapt according to the changing behaviours, lifestyles and personal preferences of the consumers. This futuristic concept by Haier will bring paradigm shift in the way one can lead their lives allowing users to focus on much important things and vitalize their routinely experience.

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