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Smart LED TVs for a Smart Future

  • Apr 23,2019
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With seamless access to the internet and surge in digital content, streaming has become one the new norms across the globe, a trend that is most remarkably noticed in India. Whether it is live sports or pre-uploaded videos, digital streaming has now become an integral part of everyone’s entertainment itinerary.

As a leading brand in home appliances and technological innovations, Haier has maintained its position at the top by understanding what our consumers seek. Therefore, by evolving accordingly while maintaining its core identity. One such innovation is the introduction of the Smart Share feature in the Haier LED TVs.

Smart Share basically allows you to browse through your phone or tablet’s content on the TV screen by connecting the device to your Haier LED TV. Streaming has made it easy for consumers in the sense that, rather than surfing through a variety of channels in search of something interesting, a slide of their fingers can simply get their phone’s screen on their LED. With Haier’s Smart Share feature, you can take this a step further and enjoy the same content on your big screen TV, with Haier 4K Ultra HD TV’s visuals and Dolby Sound Decoder for a fully theatre like experience. Further, this feature is not merely limited to video streaming but it also allows you to mirror your smartphone’s screen on the TV screen so you can browse through your picture gallery and documents at the same time.

Of course, there is something more with Haier LED’s. They are designed while keeping many features in mind, like, what would a consumer might require? Along with the Smart Share feature, Haier LED TVs are also designed with Android Smart TVs, so you can access a vast library of apps and games from the App Store. For a wider screen size, whether it’s a 32 inch LED TV or a 50 inch LED TV, Haier caters to every requirement (including 65 inch screen).

Packed with all required functions and features, which you need in digital age of entertainment, Haier’s Smart Share-based LED TVs might be one of the best LED TV that suffice your requirements all together.

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