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Take care of your Home Appliances with this Marvelous Monsoon

  • Jul 23,2019
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Every time there is a change of seasons, we alter our diet, our clothes and our self-care routine including skincare, workout regime, choosing between hot water and cold water for a bath. Our gadgets and home appliances are no different in this regard.

Electrical appliances and gadgets are a boon of modern technology and they have also made our life easier. However, all this equipment requires regular care and maintenance, for its proper functioning. The Monsoon season increases moisture in the air due to the high humidity which can cause corrosion and mold on your appliances if not tackled properly. And this can lead to further issues that require very expensive solutions.

So how exactly do you tackle this problem without any uncertainties? Here are some simple things you can do to keep your gadgets and appliances safe from the dreaded Monsoon.<

Regular Cleaning: Dust attracts moisture and this becomes a breeding ground for various bacteria and fungi. Be sure to wipe your appliances with a dry cloth every day before you use it. If you have a dust cover for any of your appliances, then, by all means, use it!

Maintaining Moisture Level at Home: You can reduce the moisture build-up in your home by placing pouches of silica gel near the ventilation inlets of your appliances. If you have an Air Conditioner with a dehumidifier, such as the Haier PuriCool, then you will be able to control the room conditions, including humidity, with the click of a button.

Earthing and Unplugging your appliances: Be sure to check the electrical wiring – earthing and grounding work – and make sure it has been done properly. Improper wiring at home is a threat to your safety and your appliances during rains. Further, unplug your appliances and devices if you are not using them – just as a safety measure.

Regular Servicing: Every appliance and gadget needs regular maintenance and there are some things we can do on our own in that regard. However, it is advisable to get your appliances regularly checked and serviced by experts – they might be able to find and fix an issue that you may not have noticed. One yearly servicing for your appliances is highly recommended, especially before the monsoon.

All of these tips are simple to apply and will not cost you anything as such. And in case of home appliances, it is best to be regular with the service and maintenance. This will help you avoid bigger problems and expenses in the future.

One last thing to notice is that these appliances are designed for regular usage. Your TV or Washing Machine is more likely to develop an issue that goes unnoticed for a long time if it is not regularly used. So by all means, enjoy the benefits which dictated your purchase of the appliance. But do remember to care for it as well.


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