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Summer Season – How to Care for your AC?

  • May 27,2019
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Initially, summers seem beautiful – by telling us to change the sluggishness carried forward from cold winter. It is considered as an energetic time of the year. But as the summer keeps on getting hot, humid and hard to escape the feeling of discomfort keeps on increasing due to the constant rise in temperatures. Luckily, we have a way for avoiding this discomfort in our own home, as well as our offices – this boon is known as air conditioners.

While you are reading this, there are chances that you already have an air conditioner (or more, in your home or maybe you, are planning to take one)) and likewise, you are looking forward to get the best possible performance out of your AC. So here are some maintenance tips for you, so you can easily to keep your AC functioning properly through the summer.

1. You need to schedule service for your AC at least once in the Spring Season-

Always schedule your AC’s service during the springtime, just before summer begins to exert its machinery influence. This gives you adequate time to be prepared for the hot and humid months. After long months of inactivity through the winter season, your AC needs a tune-up to be able to function properly at full capacity,  a timely service helps ensure that any internal or external unit issues do not cause the AC to break down during the peak summer season.

2. Clean Outdoor Unit of your AC-

With 7 most polluted cities in India some places such as the Delhi region, are prone to dust-storms on a regular basis compared to other parts of the country. It makes sense to ensure that the outdoor unit is cleaned regularly in order to prevent the debris from such storms that is causing any damage to the unit. After a storm, always check to make sure that the AC’s outdoor unit is not covered by any debris.

3. Always clear blockages from the drain-pipes of your AC-

Your AC’s condensate drain pipe can get clogged as well. This clogging can cause an unexpected rise in humidity and a reduction in cooling inside your home. Only by pouring 1/4th of a cup of vinegar is usually helpful in clearing up this blockage of the drain pipe.

4. You must check the Insulation on the coolant line-

Torn or disintegrated coolant line can simply have a negative impact on your AC’s cooling capacity, therefore, always make sure that you check its insulation regularly. You can get the pipe replaced if necessary.

You have to keep a Regular Maintenance for your AC and sometimes you must call a professional as well.

Finally, in order to get the best out of your AC, you need to perform regular maintenance tips and tricks on your ac unit to keep it running efficiently. While there are some things you can do on your own but few of the other things need professional assistance. Which is recommended that you must schedule a servicing appointment with a professional who can cover things that you might miss to catch up with.

Hopefully, you must have liked our tips and that’s how you can assure a longer life to your AC.

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