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Wine Cellars: A perfect blend of art and taste in modern living

  • Jan 30,2019
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Wine for long has been perceived as a luxury item, with health benefits derived from antioxidants and polyphenols present in it. Spread across 8000 years of dated cultures, wine has been much loved and cherished. May it be part of rituals, vivid history or family meals, taste for wine has only developed into a profound alcoholic beverage. Today, we witness greater familiarity with wine due to increased consumption, affordability and awareness around healthy lifestyles. The popularity has led immense curiosity among consumers in terms of the various wine assortments and the impacts of storage on quality.

Wine storage trends have changed dramatically over the last decade from where they once were. With the advancements in temperature control cooling units, it is now possible to safely store your wine above ground in any variety of spaces. Today’s wine cellars don’t have to be underground or facing north. Advent of technology advancements now enable the wine cellar specialists to design and build wine cellars which can potentially offer ideal wine storage practices. While we have progressed from industry perspective, we are yet to create consumer awareness on storage availability of wine that Haier is all set to offer by its new range of wine cellars.

A wine cellar is no longer merely functional; it can also exude prestige, style, and luxury. It is a feature piece whilst aging valuable wine collection in perfect conditions and ready to be enjoyed at your favourite occasions. Whether stored in a stand-alone cabinet, or displayed behind a glass wall in a walk-in wine cellar, wine lover’s collection will be proudly displayed with a timeless elegance with Haier’s all new wine cellars – JC-87A, JC-117A and JC-162S.

Here is a list of key facts that Haier considered while designing its sleek and elegant wine cellars JC-87A, JC-117A and JC-162S:

  •     Ideal Storage Conditions: Centuries-old wine culture and production methods have undergone numerous changes throughout history. But one thing has remained unchanged; the necessary conditions for the proper preservation of wine: low and constant temperature, rather high humidity level, no vibration, no odors and free of harmful effects of sunlight
  •     Humidity level and Temperature: Relative humidity in a wine cellar must be between 50% and 80%. In case the humidity level drops below 50%, the cork will dry out and decrease in volume causing the wine to escape and evaporate

.   Temperature on the other hand is a more delicate issue. Any chosen temperature between 12 – 14? C is accepted to be the ideal storage temperature

.   However, in terms of wine preservation, avoiding fluctuations in temperature is more important than a certain temperature value itself

  •     Negative effects of Vibration, odor and light on wine:

.   All vibrations including sound disturb wine. Vibrations undesirably prevent the residue of the chemical reactions of wine to settle

.   If there are any undesired odors inside the wine cellar, these will also penetrate into the wine bottle with the air, causing an eventual reduction in tasting quality. Haier has introduced a one of its kind odourless Wine Cellar

.   UV rays on the other hand, deteriorate the complex organic molecules inside wine, disturbing its aging process. Therefore, in wine cellars, illumination should be preferred that’s not radiating UV rays. Haier’s Wine cellars does not radiate UV rays

  •     Storage Conditions for different wines: Storage conditions for all wine types -red wines, white wines, dry or sweet wines, even sparkling wines are the same and they can be kept in the same wine cellar. However, serving temperature for each wine type is different
  •     Design: The design and planning of wine cellars has been carried out by a specialized team with expertise at Haier, keeping in mind our user’s demands. A space should have certain physical conditions (temperature, humidity, vibrations, odors, light etc.) in order to be defined as a wine cellar. Haier’s all new wine cellar gives justice with its unique and premium aesthetic sense design that complements the décor of a modern home

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